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Terms & Conditions

A psychic reading is not a replacement for legal, financial, medical or any other professional advice & should not be considered an alternative by the client. Please consult the appropriate professional for your needs.


Refunds & Cancellations Policy

Please ensure you have read the terms & conditions before purchasing a reading or  any workshops, courses or events, this is for your own protection. Should you have any queries please contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Face to Face appointments

All appointments should be booked in advance.

Saturday appointments must be booked in advance and paid for at the time of booking, in the meantime the space may be taken by another person. All payments are to be made via PayPal.


If a prepaid reading is cancelled more than 48 hours before the appointment an alternative appointment will be offered, if cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment no refunds will be given and a new appointment will need to be booked & paid for.

Should you forget or miss a pre-paid appointment a refund will not be given & no alternative appointment will be given in lieu of it. You will need to book and pay for another appointment.


If I am unable to connect to you & give you a reading you will not be charged, in the event of a pre-paid appointment a full refund will be given. It is your responsibility to advise me that we are not connecting, if you agree with all the information during the appointment you are confirming what I am giving you is correct & no refunds after the fact will be given.


In the event of you making a payment & should we be unable to agree on a time or date that is mutually agreeable a refund in full will be made immediately, in the event that I am out of the office or without access to the internet a full refund will be made as soon as I am able to, which would be within 24 hours unless an act of God prevents this in which case as soon as circumstances allow the payment will be returned.


Email Readings

I offer a policy of having your email reading back to you within 7 working days, if you have not received it in that time-frame please check your spam folder before contacting me or leaving negative feedback.

If you do not resonate with the reading please contact me immediately and before leaving feedback, I am happy to do the reading again.

Once the reading has been sent to you no refunds will be given.


Party Bookings

Party bookings must be booked in advance

A non-refundable 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. There is a 24 hour cooling off period unless the party booking is scheduled to take place in the next 24 hours. Once 24hrs has elapes, no refund of the deposit will be made.

The free reading for the hostess is only available should there be 5 friends also having a paid reading, in the event that your guests cancel and the numbers drop below 6 the free reading offer will be withdrawn. The deposit for those who have cancelled cannot be transferred to the remaining guests. Should I be unable to connect with a guest this will not affect your free reading and they will be refunded either in cash at the party booking. Please note that anyone who is under the infulence of drink or any behaviour altering substance will be refused a reading and their deposit lost.



Courses & workshops deposits must be paid in full in advance unless otherwise agreed to secure your place

No refunds of the deposit will be offered in the event of you cancelling or your inability to make the workshop,

No refunds in the event you are asked to leave the workshop due to misconduct.



A psychic reading is not a replacement for legal, financial, medical or any other professional advice & should not be considered an alternative by the client. Please consult the appropriate professional for your needs.


If your reading does not resonate & you believe I have not connected to you please be honest & advise me this during your reading, it does not benefit either of us for you to be polite then after you leave be disappointed with your reading. Generally I will know if I am not connecting, it is rare but does happen for a variety of reasons & in this instance I will not charge you & the reading will be halted. Should you not make me aware during your reading that the reading does not resonate then I will assume you are happy with your reading.


Please make me aware of anything you are unhappy with before leaving negative feedback. With email readings I am happy to do a replacement reading.


Psychic readings are open to your free will & that of other people who are involved in the matter such as relationships or career situations, this means that your actions can change the outcome; these readings are not set in stone.


Mediumship readings may mean a connection with anybody who has passed whether you knew them or not such as grand-parents who passed before you were born or estranged family etc, they will have a connection to you in some way & information may need to be verified with other family members or friends, this does not constitute a lack of connection.


There are no guarantees that the loved one you wish to hear from will be the person that I connect with. By using a photo or their first name I can raise the chances of communication with the desired person, but mediumship is not an exact art-form, if your loved one cannot or will not connect to me then I cannot make them. No refunds will be given unless I am unable to connect & read for you at all.


Please ensure you understand the type of readings I do before booking. As my readings are a blend of all my skills the ratio of mediumship to future events changes and no guarantee is offered of how much of each skill you will receive.




“We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties”