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Ruthie L   21 November 2017

Helen is a wonderful teacher and hosts fantastic workshops. She is a genuine, kind and compassionate lady. Her depth of knowledge, intuition and connection to spirit are unquestionable and I cannot recommend her enough. Helen's honesty and clarity is refreshing and it has been a pleasure to be her student, customer and friend.



Liz A  22 November 2017

I really enjoyed my reading with Helen. She was very accurate with what she said and was great guidance. Thank you!



Kay B  20 November 2017

I have known Helen for a number of years first meeting her at local Pamper / Psychic fairs where we were both working. Her energy and healing has always been lovely and i would recommend it and her to anyone. x

Amanda Howitt  October, 2017


I was treated by Helen 3 times with Rahanni Celestial Healing and the experience was absolute bliss! I cannot begin to describe the feeling of relaxation during a treatment & lightness & well being after a treatment. I decided to train as a Rahanni Practitioner (I’ve had subsequent Rahanni treatments from her too) & also train to be a Crystal Healer. Helen is a natural in being both a practitioner & a teacher


Rebecca   November, 2017


Since meeting Helen at her wonderful shop in Rochester, I have had the fortunate experience of attending one of her Angels courses and have also received healing from her. Each time I visited her, I was met with such warmth and comfort. Her healing has been so paramount to my health and each time, she helped me go about the rest of my day feeling much more centered and at ease – both physically and mentally. A truly wonderful lady who’s knowledge and skill knows no bounds! I loved attending the Angels course, where I was given so much more information that I ever knew I’d receive. It really was amazing to be taught by her. The things she taught me have stayed with me ever since. Xx



Keri Davis  November, 2017


Helen is an amazing lady who’s heart and soul truly are reflected in the amazing work that flows through her.

Her ability to teach is both humbling and inspiring. She shares her wealth of knowledge in an open, honest, compassionate way that will truly leave your heart and soul touched by an Angel.

Michelle  December 2017


Helen is such a lovely person inside out I have had rahanni healing from her and its truly beautiful I never have had healing before so I was really nervous and she settled my nerves straight away I was so relaxed and like I said it was beautiful she has a lovely energy and time for anybody she is a true Angel and would highly recommend her xx



Cheryl  December 2017


I am one of Helen’s pupils and was attuned to Rahanni and then became a teacher in 2017. Helen has such a gentle, informative way of teaching.

She is an inspiration to us all.

Through Helen and the gift of Rahanni, my life has been changed for the better.


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From Face Book Messages 

Nikki 2019  - Thank you so much for my reading helen I am absolutely blown away with what was said.


Katie - April 21 · 2019

Had a lovely reading this week. So relaxed and welcoming



Lee -  March 15 2019

So calming and relaxing. Helen is a warm, wonderful woman. i had rahanni from her earlier this week, it was amazing!! Thankyou so much xxx


Vikki -  October 27, 2018

It was absolutely amazing! Would recommend it to anyone! I want to go back already!!!!