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The Crystal Butterfly has been created to provide a safe, peaceful and relaxing environment; where every customer regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin or religion is welcome.  


I will ensure that your privacy & dignity are respected before after and during any treatment/reading with me; l ask the same in return and reserve the right to ask any customer to leave if their behaviour is detrimental to the ethos that l promote.


l am a Qualified and Insured Therapist/Reader

My work ethics.


Readings should be viewed as being for entertainment purposes only and in no way replaces proper legal, financial or medical advice.

l do not tell fortunes or predict the future


You must be 18yrs old or older to get a psychic reading. I do not read for those under 16 years of age, or anyone undere influence of alcohol or drugs; Nor anyone displaying abusive or violent behaviour


Readings are not meant to replace the services or advice of a doctor, psychiatrist, counsellor, financial advisor, attorney or any other trained professional.


You are responsible for the choices you make in your life. Therefore, choices, consequences and/or actions made by you based on your reading are solely your responsibility.


Please call  07949 459470 if you wish to book an appointment